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About Me
Hi, I am Mike Krupa the owner and operator of Krupa's Custom Cutting
As an avid woodworker, I can help you get the most from your lumber.
Cutting lumber is a weekend job for me since my full time job is as a Chemical Engineer in a large chemical company.  I produce polyurethane products that are used as insulation in the Construction Industry. 
I learned how to work with metal from my father who worked in machine repair for a large auto company.  I learned about wood from my grandfather who was a carpenter.  I never stopped working with wood and now have a shop that is fully equipped for building furniture.  It is a great feeling to start from a tree and turn it into a beautiful piece of furniture.
My goal is to help others start with a log and cut it into boards that they can use to make something great.  I am reliable and will work as hard as I can to ensure that my customers are extremely happy with the results.

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