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Cutting Costs
General cost for cutting lumber is $70.00 per hour.  There are many factors that can affect the amount of lumber that will be cut:
Help - Cutting lumber is typically a two person job.  With help, logs are quickly placed on the sawmill and lumber is taken off.
Organization - A well organized wood lot makes loading logs and stacking lumber quick and easy.
Note:  Costs can be calculated per board foot if desired.
End sealing can be applied for $0.50 per log.  I use Anchorseal which is a little expensive but there is no better product to reduce end checking.
Stickers can be purchased for $0.25 each. 
Mileage: $0.50/mile.
Damaged blades: In the event a saw blade is broken or damaged by foreign matter (nail, rock, metal, insulators, etc.) in Customer's log, there is a charge of $30.00 per damaged blade.

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